Telltale Signs of a Roach Infestation

Most people associate roaches with dirt and debris; however, even the cleanest and most sanitary homes are susceptible to a roach infestation. These pests need three things to thrive: Food, water and shelter. If your home can offer those three things (which surely, it can,) then you run the risk of an infestation.

Being able to detect a roach infestation as soon as possible is vital. The sooner you can identify your home has been invaded, the sooner you can treat the problem and prevent it from growing into an even larger one. In order to catch those nasty critters before the wreck absolute havoc on your home, keep an eye out for these five signs. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact a professional Local Moving Service San Jose as soon as possible.

A Roach Sighting

Actually seeing a roach is the most obvious sign that you have a problem on your hands. Even if you see just a single roach, it’s almost guaranteed that more are lurking behind the walls and in the floorboards of your home. Some can be hidden within the pavement, check out Masonry supply Brooklyn. Obviously, the more roaches you spot, the bigger the problem is.


It should also be noted that if you spot roaches during the day, you more than likely have a big problem. If they’re outside, just close your blinds Hamptons and hope the issue fades. These pests are nocturnal, which means that they usually aren’t visible during the day. Trees can create shadows during the day in which cockroaches can hide. If you must, contact a reputable tree service to cut your trees down. If you see them out and about during daylight hours, it’s a sign of a big infestation, as they are trying to vie for food and water at times when they usually aren’t active. If this is the case you need to contact a long island animal control long island’s  professional immediately.


Roaches will leave a trail of fecal droppings on the surfaces that they travel across. Droppings resemble black pepper flakes or coffee grounds. If you notice fecal matter, it’s a surefire sign that you have an infestation on your hands; and the more fecal matter you see, the larger the problem is.


Take note of the areas where you see these droppings, as this indicates high traffic zones for these pests, and will indicate where an exterminator should focus on removal efforts.

Egg Casings

Roach infestations continue to grow at rapid rates because these pests are very aggressive breeders. They are hatched from oothecae, which is a brown casing that houses several eggs. When the eggs hatch, the casing is left behind.

A sighting of toothache is a sure bet that you have a roach infestation on your hands. These casings are brown in color and oblong in shape.

A Roach “Odor”

Roaches actually emit an odor, and it is best described as pungent. The smell is musty and oily, and it will become more noticeable and overpowering as the infestation grows. Don’t let shoddy electrical work infest your home with fire hazards, call electrician brookville. A collection of dead roaches can also create a pungent odor, as they put off oleic acid during the decomposition process.


If you notice any of these signs, it is in your best interest to call a professional suffolk county pest and rodent control company. The sooner you call, the better, because even a small infestation can rapidly grow into a big one if left untreated.